Omar F. “Thank you for a warm welcome. The session was quite informative and engaging. I learned as well as practiced a really good hot yoga session. It was my first time and surely won't be my last. I'd definitely recommend it for those Cross-Fitters out there who seek a good a stretch of the muscles and body, and everybody else of course….”

Ursala T. “An amazing welcome for a hot yoga novice. This talented teacher is patient and guides you step by step through an intense but enjoyable 90 minute routine. I can't recommend this lady and her class enough to do it justice. No excuses all you need is a mat a towel and some water. Come along and experience it for yourself. See you on mat.”

Omer N. “I went to my first hot yoga class today and i am hooked! Since 2016 is just around the corner, time for new resolutions and i am committing myself to one class a week every thursday to mix up my weight training schedule!" Eeva M “Dear fellow yogis. I can warmly recommend Dynamic Hot Yoga for everybody! No matter if you are a beginner or a yogi/ni already, it is a place to do a good yoga practice.  # 1 Place to get sweat in Doha!"

Benny B. “First time for me doing Hot Yoga in Qatar and Dari made me feel more than welcome. The class itself was great as it pushed me mentally and physically. The only piece of advice I would give would be to take two towels…you will need them!! Dynamic Hot Yoga is Highly Recommended!!”

Sajeev K. “Thanks Dari for the dynamic experience. Thanks for. enabling me to strech and bend beyond my thoughts! I definitely recommend all to experiene Dynamic Hot Yoga.”

Maja K.“Finally the Hot Yoga i have been waiting for in Doha. The class was perfect and followed the pace of each and everyone. I enjoyed it so much and am very much looking forward to our next class. Thanks Dari!”

Maisoon E. “I loved it! I worked muscles I never know I had! And after the first session I slept for 6 hours in a row which rarely happens to me. Thank you Dari I really enjoyed it”

Shay L. “Great class, Dari! Love your focus to technique!!! See you next week.