About The Classes

Dynamic Hot Yoga Our Hot Yoga class is based on Absolute A Series, which was developed from the 26 posture sequence of Bikram yoga.

Bikram A 90 minute Bikram method series made up of 26 postures and breathing exercises, to push your body beyond its limits into pure relaxation.

Hot Flow A smoothly flowing sequence of postures that acts as a transition from one end of the mat to the other, to create a more challenging, atheltic practice with additional upper-body strength, core and balance work.

Dynamic Yin Our slow, simple Dynamic Yin yoga is the class to choose to increase flexibility and strength, more energy and better posture; the class to choose if you want to calm the mind and give your body a deeper stretch.

Kids Yoga Our kids yoga program allows children to practice teachings of yoga in a fun, inspiring, and energetic way, offering practice of asana (yoga postures), meditation, calmness, relaxation, and so much more.